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Integrated automation system solutions; that has been SIGMATEK's core expertise for 30 years. Our engineers love complex, fast processes that depend on the combination of performant control, dynamic drives and strong visualization. An extensive applications team is there to support you during implementation with advice and assistance, or you can put us in charge of creating the application software.


You profit from synergies generated from our deep and broad machine know-how, as well our industry expertise. Because: SIGMATEK solutions are used worldwide in the most varying industries. We therefore have precise knowledge of industry-specific requirements – for example in the sectors:



Complete overview of the machine process

From us, you get a complete coordinated automation system, which allows your application to run efficiently, safely and smoothly. With an integrated system architecture, we support you in increasing the flexibility and performance of your application and reducing costs at the same time.



Top products – long-term availability

Our modular, scalable portfolio contains a variety of products for a diversity of tasks. All automation components used are developed and produced at the company headquarters in Austria, which allows us to ensure long-term availability.


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