Textile Machines

Precision and quality for guaranteed success

With the automation of textile machines, high precision and availability must be combined with high efficiency and flexibility. SIGMATEK knows the demands of the textile industry and has established itself as complete solutions provider.


Our automation solutions have been successfully used in the manufacturing and processing of various textiles for many years. Whether weaving, knitting, embroidery or finishing – we guarantee our machine manufacturing customers a technological advantage in the market.

In Step, March

In Step, March

... for needles in the flatbed embroidery machines from Lässer. An integrated concept for control, drive technology and visualization from SIGMATEK provides for more embroidery quality.

Precision and Quality

Precision and Quality

... are success factors, which embroidery machines achieve with our integrated automation solution.

Clearly Visualize

Clearly Visualize

With the object-oriented automation software LASAL, the visualization can be comfortably created and easily reused.

Our system toolkit consists of high-performance single or multi-CPU solutions, fast and super compact I/Os including Safety. In the textile machines, several axes are normally in use. Our compact and modular multi-axis drive systems also find space in small control cabinets and are optimal for highly dynamic axis control in textile machines.


With an integrated complete solution, you profit from few interfaces, short development times and only one contact partner for all automation tasks. The SIGMATEK solution is based on standard components, which contain highly modern technology and guarantee higher performance, efficiency and improved quality of your machines and equipment. Idle times and rejects are minimized.

Your Benefits

With us, the drive technology is fully integrated. Our compact and modular multi-axis drive systems also find space in the control cabinet and are optimal for the highly dynamic axis control in textile machines.

Our large team of engineers have deep know-how in the textile industry. We support you in all project phases and help you to optimize your application. As a mid-sized company, we can quickly implement your requirements.

The use of the real-time Ethernet technology VARAN enables the perfect interaction of all machine processes and functions. With bus cycle times under 100 µs and jitter below 100 ns, your machine operates faster and highly precise.

Whether control, visualization, drives and Safety technology – with the all-in-one automation software LASAL (IEC 61131-3 standard), an integrated design environment for machine automation is provided. The engineering times and costs are reduced significantly.


Through the modularization of the software, it can simply be reused for different or modified applications. The software for different configuration variants can be created automatically with scripting.

With the decision for an automation system, the total costs and investment security are important aspects. The automation components we use are our own designs and are produced in Austria. For you that means: the highest technical standards, top quality and long-term availability. 


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