Software management

LASAL Machine Manager

Software management

Industry 4.0 is networked with adaptive production processes. To enable this flexibility in machine automatization as well, SIGMATEK relies on modular, decentral automatization solutions. Machine and system functions are divided into mechatronic units equipped with their own processing intelligence and are perfectly networked in a complete system. The Machine Manager from the engineering environment LASAL provides the necessary clarity. LASAL enables the clearly organized display of individual software projects in a machine or system and regulates the communication in multi-CPU applications, without having to program the communication paths yourself.


  • Maximum clarity of the software projects with multi-CPU applications
  • Reduced effort with initial start-up and handling
  • Flexible distribution of tasks
  • Fast adaptation to requirement changes
  • Data exchange with external system components and higher-level software


In compact training videos, we show you how the LASAL Machine Manager supports you in your software projects.



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