Control programming


Control programming

From the most simple machine to complex control tasks – with the project development software LASAL CLASS, an efficient solution is available for your automation jobs.


  • Object-oriented programming and design in compliance with 61131-3
  • Graphic representation ensures a clear overview
  • Modular and reusable: reduce Engineering times and costs
  • Predefined software components
  • Graphical Hardware Editor: place hardware as mounted in the control cabinet


LASAL CLASS supports the most important programming languages: ST, LD in compliance with IEC 61131-3, ANSI-C, Interpreter as well as the graphic sequence language SFC. With the online debugging tool, program errors can be found quickly and easily. The scripting language Python enables the automatic generation and modification of machine software. With the press of a button, the application for specific machines and equipment can be generated and the parameters set.


In compact training videos, we show you how to implement machine functions quickly and easily with LASAL CLASS.


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