Precision Valve Control with the CO 041

For exact dosing, of adhesive or fluid applications for example, precision valve control is needed. The S-DIAS module CO 041 provides four current-controlled PWM outputs, which can also be operated as pulse signal outputs – for example, to control micro-dose valve controllers. In addition, four digital +5 V inputs are integrated.


Up to four valves can be controlled with the CO 041. The supply voltage for the valves ranges from 18-55 V, the maximum holding current is 1 A at an inrush current of up to 3.5 A.


Inrush and continuous currents are adjustable to ensure a good, dynamic response from the valve. The period frequency of the holding current can be set between 30 Hz and 20 kHz.


For configuration as pulse signal outputs (push-pull), the maximum current per channel is 1 A. The minimum turn-on time is 50 µs.


Regardless of the operation mode, the outputs can be set with an on/off delay in 1 µs increments from 0 to 32.77 ms. The module is overload, over-temperature and short-circuit proof.


The CO 041 allows stand-alone operation without a CPU. In this case, the four integrated digital inputs (TTL signal) are used for direct control of the respective outputs. Here, users can configure the inrush current, holding current and holding-current period according to their needs. Afterward, the parameters remain remanently stored in the module.



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