Wireless HMI

Mobile operating panel with integrated safety

Operating freedom, WLAN data exchange and integrated Safety functions ... with the HGW 1033 wireless operating panel, all these features are cleverly combined. And: Thanks to OPC UA, the wireless operating panel is open for all systems. The HMI, which provides maximum operating freedom, can also be later integrated into existing machines and systems. With the battery pack, which has a run time capacity of two hours in full operating mode, the wireless HMI weighs only 1,350 grams.

Free movement without cables

To date, the range of motion for mobile machine operation has been limited by two factors: the cable length and the safety required for people and machines in harsh industrial environments. With the wireless HGW 1033, the operator can now work close to the machine and keep the process in view and under control. Thanks to the wireless technology, long HMI cables have been eliminated as trip hazards. With the new "Wireless Roaming feature", the operating range can also be increased as needed.

Wireless and safe around the machine with the HGW 1033-3. The wireless operating panel is equipped with the Safety elements emergency stop, confirmation switch and key switch (SIL 3, PL e).

Wireless and safe around the machine with the HGW 1033-3. The wireless operating panel is equipped with the Safety elements emergency stop, confirmation switch and key switch (SIL 3, PL e).

Wireless Safety to go

The wireless handheld HMI with its powerful EDGE2 Technology processor, intuitive 10.1-inch multi-touch glass display and integrated Safety elements (SIL 3, PL e) redefines the concept of mobile operation, setup and teaching:

For wireless communication in industrial environments, a fully developed concept is required. With the HGW 1033, data is transferred redundantly using WLAN technology via two separate frequency bands with 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

The operator always has all Safety functions “in hand” with the HGW 1033-3 and can wirelessly initiate the desired action. A confirmation switch, key switch and an active illuminated emergency stop switch are provided. The fully-developed Safety concept of the wireless operating panel is TÜV-certified and with SIL 3 and PL e, meets the highest requirements. Safety-related data is exchanged via the standard WLAN network using the Black Channel principle.

Through standard interfaces and protocols such as Ethernet and OPC UA, wireless operating solutions can even communicate with controls of other manufacturers, ERP and cloud applications.

In addition to the elimination of the cable for mobile operation, a further core benefit of the handheld panel is that not every machine needs an operating panel. In production halls for example, multiple robots from the same manufacturer are often used. Here one HGW is in principle, enough for all.

For complex and often hundreds of meters long machines and systems, several base stations and often, several wireless panels as well, are used in the field. With the new "Wireless Roaming feature", the range of the wireless operating solution can be extended as needed. The operator connects to the desired system section and the corresponding safety zone using the wireless panel menu. Thanks to "Wireless Roaming", operators can move around the equipment with complete freedom. VLAN ensures cost-effective and simple installation in an existing network architecture.

Base station: simply dock on

The BWH 001, which serves as the gateway with docking and charging function, was developed especially for the WLAN operating panel. In addition to the wireless-link to the HGW, two Ethernet interfaces are provided for flexible integration into the total system. The mobile HMI transfers data directly to the BWH 001 base station over a “peer-to-peer” connection, which provides communications with the S-DIAS Safety control from SIGMATEK.

If the operator does not need the HGW 1033, it can be placed in the base station and battery charging starts automatically.


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