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Efficient automation with object orientation

The variety in machine and equipment manufacturing is continually increasing. And therewith, the share of the software – and its value – in machine design. Mechatronic Engineering is the magic word that gives you the necessary flexibility to easily master this diversity.


With the mechatronic approach, the individual machine functions – as in the hardware – are also reproduced in the software and can be combined as desired. We have focused on this modularization of the software at SIGMATEK for almost 20 years. In 2000, we were the first to bring object-oriented programming into automation technology. 

Engineering with LASAL: the quality of the software increases, the effort for application design decreases condiderably.

Engineering with LASAL: the quality of the software increases, the effort for application design decreases condiderably.

LASAL sets a new standard with object orientation, client-server technology and graphic representation. You profit from a modern, consistent engineering platform that integrates all disciplines of automation. Control and regulation (LASAL CLASS), visualization (LASAL SCREEN and web-based with LASAL VISUDesigner), motion control (LASAL MOTION), Safety (LASAL SAFETYDesigner) as well as diagnostics, remote maintenance and date exchange via OPC UA (LASAL SERVICE).

LASAL - Best in Class

With the object-oriented approach from LASAL, all real machine components are reproduced in the software. The modular software function modules are independent of the hardware used (e.g. servo, asynchronous, stepper motors or hydraulic, hybrid or electrical controllers) and can be combined or exchanged as desired. You can also therefore react to customer requests in the software extremely fast with little programming.

Time is money. That also applies to software design Once created and tested, application code can - thanks to the modular structure - be flexible reused and easily changed. In addition, multiple function classes for different application categories as well as predefined technology modules are provided in standard libraries.


LASAL frees the programmer with great functions such as the graphical hardware editor – routine tasks are eliminated. Through the multi-project and multi-user structure, several developers can work on a project at the same time.

Whether high-end, midrange or economy model – there is often a single base project for a specific machine. You can – practically with the push of a button – generate the software for different configurations for individual customers automatically (scripting).

Object Orientation in combination with graphic representation provided high quality and transparence. Software maintenance as well expansion are simple. The software is thereby sustainable.


With object oriented programming code and data are combined in logical units ("objects"). Behind every object is a "class", which forms the blueprint of the object and defines the program code, as well as the data name. Each class assumes a specific task, for example, controlling a drive or measuring and evaluating a temperature. The data are encapsulated and can cannot be changed from the outside. The encapsulated objects communicate via interfaces with "outside world". Thanks to the clearly defined interface connections, encapsulated software components can be easily exchanged.


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