Control Systems

Control Systems

Full speed ahead

The core expertise of SIGMATEK is the fast and precise control and regulation of industrial machines and equipment. We provide the right control system for any application: high-performance and compact CPUs and industrial PCs for the DIN rail or control cabinet, as well as for simple applications, control panels that combine control, visualization and operation. All controls are compatible with one another and comply with OPC UA, so that they are ready for use in the digital factory.

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With our controls, single and multi-core high performance, low loss EDGE Technology as well as Intel® Atom™ / Intel® Celeron processors are used. Since the controls are developed and produced at the main facility in Austria, long-term availability is guaranteed.


Following our modular system approach, both central control and distributed multi-CPU solutions are possible. Especially for complex applications, we rely on distributed intelligences to perfectly and flexible form machine structures. With the implementation for OPC UA, a uniform interface is provided for horizontal and vertical communication. The LASAL Machine Manager is available for maintaining an overview of multi-CPU solutions.

All controls are scalable and compatible with one another. This gives you the advantage of being able to individually configure the control system for the application and flexibly adapt and expand as needed.

With the engineering tool LASAL , the control software can be programmed and configured with object orientation regardless of the hardware used. This modularity and compatibility of the application software saves development time and costs, and provides a high degree of investment protection.

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