Milestones of a Success Story

Once upon a time ...

The American dream begins in the garage, that of SIGMATEK, in the bedroom. Like many others, the SIGMATEK founders started their company in a private residence. "Since in our house, the bedroom was easiest to clear, that is where we set up our first production site", Andreas Melkus, who started the company together with Theodor and Marianne Kusejko.


The SIGMATEK founders at the 20-year celebration.

What began in 1988 as the vision of its founders and current Executive Management Team, has evolved over the decades into a leading company for automation technology. Integrated system solutions, oriented toward customer benefits, were and still remain the recipe for success.


Today, the automation experts based in Lamprechtshausen, have 500 employees worldwide. The company is still 100 percent owned by the families Melkus and Kusejko.

Our journey in pictures

First Generation

First Generation

Modas, the first PLC from SIGMATEK introduced in 1988.

The New Company Building
The New Company Building

The New Company Building

1994 building I opened: The new facility is dimensioned for 100 employees.

Buenos DIAS ...

Buenos DIAS ...

... for the first time in 1996: With the control system DIAS, the Salzburg automation company caused a sensation in the industry. DIAS makes decentral configuration of PLC modules possible for the first time.

Object-Oriented Programming
Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming

SIGMATEK pioneers once more in 2000 with the introduction of LASAL, the first object-oriented programming software in the automation world.

Building II and the Bridge
Building II and the Bridge

Building II and the Bridge

Within a few years, the limits of capacity were reached. 2001 Building II is complete. Since it is on the other side of the street, a bridge connects the two buildings.

It is C-DIAS Time

It is C-DIAS Time

2002 sees growth for the control and I/O system: C-DIAS is the name of the compact module series with high-speed communication.

VARAN Bus is Clear to Start
VARAN Bus is Clear to Start

VARAN Bus is Clear to Start

The modern real-time Ethernet bus system VARAN is introduced at the Hannover trade fair in April 2006 and in the same year, was awarded the Salzburg Innovation prize.

More Space for Innovation
More Space for Innovation

More Space for Innovation

Only 7 years after the second expansion, Building III is opened. 3,200 m² more floor space is therewith available.

20-year Anniversary
20-year Anniversary

20-year Anniversary

Not only is SIGMATEK a leader in automation, the high-tech Salzburg company also knows how to celebrate. 

Compact und modular: DIAS-Drive 100

Compact und modular: DIAS-Drive 100

Up to 8 servo axes per DIAS Drive 100 unit can be controlled.

New Generation

New Generation

In 2012, SIGMATEK presents the new generation of control and I/Os S-DIAS; which has a packaging density unachieved to date.

Operation Freedom Redefined

Operation Freedom Redefined

With the HGW 1033, SIGMATEK presented 2017 a wireless multitouch operating panel including Safety functions at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg.

Many Axes Compactly Packed

Many Axes Compactly Packed

The DIAS-Drives 2000 series, introduced in 2021, combines up to 3 axes, a supply, power filter, brake resistor and DC-Link circuit in a 75 x 240 x 219 mm housing.

For flexible web visualizations

For flexible web visualizations

In 2023, modern web panels with full visualization power for web visualizations (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

A Chronological Look Back


  • 35-year company anniversary
  • Web-Panels for flexible HTML5 visualizations


  • The SIGMATEK founders Andreas Melkus and Theodor Kusejko step back from active management


  • DIAS-Drive 2000: Highly compact, modular multi-axis system for 1 to 3 servo axes per module


  • The wireless handheld panel HGW 1033 with Safety functions receives TÜV certification


  • 30-year company anniversary


  • SIGMATEK presents the wireless operating panel HGW 1033 at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg
  • Expansion of the company headquarters: Extension of Plant III and start of construction work for Plant IV
  • Andreas Melkus, Theodor Kusejko and Marianne Kusejko bring the next generation on board with Alexander Melkus


  • Founding of SIGMATEK Automation Korea CO., Ltd


  • DIAS-Drive 1000: Compact drive for up to 6 servo axes


  • Founding of SIGMATEK Automation UK Limited, Great Britain


  • Opening of the engineering office in Vienna
  • The super compact I/O system S-DIAS, including integrated Safety, is introduced at the SPS IPC DRIVES at Nuremberg: 20 I/Os within a width of only 12.5 mm


  • With C-DIAS Safety, the C-DIAS control system is expanded with a programmable, TÜV-certified Safety solution


  • The modular servo drive system DIAS Drive 100, for multi-axis applications, is introduced to the market


  • Acquisition of the development department Sdrive
  • Foundation of SIGMATEK Schweiz AG
  • 20-year company anniversary
  • Opening of Plant III


  • Opening of the SIGMATEK Ningbo Office, China
  • Expansion of the company headquarters: construction work for Plant III starts


  • Presentation of the revolutionary VARAN bus technology: fast, flexible and secure data transfer in real-time
  • SIGMATEK wins the Salzburger Wirtschaft Innovation Award


  • Terminal series with S-DVI connection


  • New developments: C-DIAS with power CPU, compact IPC


  • The control system C-DIAS enters the market: compact design, high package density, module carrier with high-speed communication (30 million I/Os per second)


  • Founding of SIGMATEK U.S. Automation, Inc. (Ohio)
  • Opening of the SIGMATEK Innovation Center in the expanded headquarters at Lamprechtshausen


  • With LASAL, SIGMATEK is the first automation manufacturer to introduce software for object-oriented programming with client-server technology and graphic representation


  • With the control system DIAS, the DIAS bus and the fiber optic transmission SIGMATEK revolutionizes control technology. In addition to a local configuration, DIAS also allows a decentralized layout of the PLC modules for the first time. The DIAS bus (more than 2.5 million I/Os per second) is the fastest network in automation, and that for many years


  • Moving into the new company building, with space for up to 100 employees


  • Pioneering role: SIGMATEK is the first in the industry to rely on CAN bus for networking and communication in the MODAS PLC system
  • First distribution partner abroad: SigmaControl in the Netherlands


  • Intelligent graphics operating terminal (IBED)
  • Entry into injection molding and glass industry
  • SIGMATEK GmbH, Germany is founded


  • Company Founding
  • MODAS, the first self-developed PLC, and the software PG 16 are introduced to the market
  • SIGMATEK enters the robot control industry

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