Safety Hot Swap: Change machine network during active operation

The S-DIAS Safety system equips the user with a high degree of freedom in designing the project for the Safety concept and is therefore ideal for modular production machines or lines with optional modules, such as loading and unloading units, as well as handling and transport systems. The modular machine units are equipped with their own Safety control and communicate with the higher-level control via VARAN industrial Ethernet. The new Hot-Swap feature ensures that the machine components with their Safety CPUs can be flexibly integrated into the system, logged out and logged back into the machine network at a different location - and that during runtime. The primary central Safety control can manage up to 70 optional substations with emergency stop function.


The overall Safety program is created with all participating units in the machine network once and like the modular machine or line, can then be combined as desired. 

Optional system modules with integrated emergency stop function can be therewith added to machines and systems or logged out of them during active operation without a restart. The connection dynamically is created using a simple function-oriented login mechanism – without a hardware switch. The end of the connection is triggered with a secure input. Through the Plug&Play function, the flexible SIGMATEK Safety solution saves the user valuable time in the production process and increases the output at the same time.


If a unit is separated from the central Safety control without first logging out, an emergency stop is triggered in all connected machine modules after the configurable Watchdog time has elapsed.


In addition to the Safety controller, the modular Safety system in pocket format includes various Safety I/Os and drives with Safety functions. The Safety solution can therefore be perfectly tuned to the Safety-relevant application.


SIGMATEK designed the Safety technology, so that the Safety-relevant signals are sent via Black Channel over any communication media. With cable-connected solutions, a single cable is sufficient for Safety and standard communication. Data is transmitted over the industrial Ethernet VARAN, but can also be sent wirelessly via WLAN. The vibration-proof S-DIAS Safety system is therefore also optimally suited for mobile applications such as driverless transport systems.


With the LASAL SAFETYDesigner, S-DIAS Safety applications can be comfortable configured. The efficient engineering tool provides an extensive library with standard, as well as Safety function components (based on the PLCOpen standard).


The S-DIAS Safety solutions comply with SIL 3 (in accordance with IEC 62061) and PL e Cat. 4 (according to EN ISO 13849-1/-2).



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