AC Drives Series FDD 3000

Efficient, reliable, high overload capability

The new AC drives of the FDD 3000 series compliment the drive portfolio for the low voltage range. Economic asynchronous motors can be precisely controlled with the low-voltage AC drives. The motion application is thereby more efficient and at the same time, saves energy.


The compact units are available in seven sizes. The single- or three-phase AC drives (200/240 VAC or 380/480 VAC) cover a power range of 0.37 to 90 kW. They are the ideal solution for motion applications that must be cost-effective. In industrial production, a continuously regulatable rotation speed that is adapted to the application enables an optimal manufacturing process. At the same time, energy-efficient operation can be achieved with exact rotation speed control. Functions such as dynamic V/f control or standby mode also minimize energy consumption, which helps reduce operating cost.


The compact construction of the AC drives in book format enable the installation of multiple devices side by side in the control cabinet. With an overload capacity from up to 180 %, the FDD 3000 units are ideal for applications that require a high torque for short time.


The AC drives come with a standard integrated power filter for industrial class A and with the optional power filter, they can be used for class B in the commercial sector. Two Safety STO inputs (SIL 3/PL e) ensure a safe stop. In addition, the devices have 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 4 digital inputs and 1 digital in/output, as well as a relay output for the brake control.


The communication with the control system can be implemented with CAN Open, EtherCAT or VARAN interfaces. Parameters and motion commands are comfortably sent from the control unit to the AC drive - complex parameterization with an input device is unnecessary. Diagnostic data, such as the actual current consumption of the motor for predictive maintenance evaluation, can be also be monitored.


The compact FDD AC drives are used in motion applications for conveyor belts, extruders, fans and pumps.


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