Measure and Monitor Temperature: The AI 023

Connection with 2- or 4-wire technology

With the AI 023 analog input module from the S-DIAS series, temperatures can be measured exactly and flexibly. Since temperature sensors with 2- as well as 4-wire technology can be connected, the user can flexibly decide on the required precision of the measurement. Using 4-wire measurement technology, deviations caused by wire resistances can be compensated – the right choice for high-precision temperature measurements.


The thin module with two resistance inputs precisely collects measurement values from the resistance temperature sensors and with 5 adjustable ranges, it covers measurements from 0-250 Ω, 0-500 Ω, 0-1000 Ω, 0-2500 Ω and 0-5000 Ω of electrical resistance. The temperature measurement range is -200 to +850 °C and a precision of +/- 0.3 % at a resolution of 16 bits. Supported temperature sensors include PT100, PT1000, NI100, NI1000 and various KTY sensors. The AI 023 also has a measurement monitoring function and sensor-break detection.


The connection technology can be selected according to temperature sensor and cable length. The advantage of the 2-wire circuit is simple wiring. With highly exact 4-wire measuring, symmetrical as well as asymmetrical resistances of the connection lines and connector transition resistances are monitored and properly compensated. This is achieved via recording the measurement current and measuring the voltage over the additional sense lines of the measurement sensor. From these two values, the resistance value of the measurement sensor is determined internally.


Dimensions: 12,5 x 104 x 72 mm



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