Parallel Development with the Digital Twin

Sigmatek's LASAL design environment now supports model-based development and virtual commissioning with the Digital Twin. This makes it possible to virtually display, simulate, test and validate all developmental steps; from planning to commissioning - whether individual machine functions or complete systems.

An essential advantage of the model-based design using the Digital Twin is to parallelize and therewith, accelerate development. Additionally, configuration and testing do not have to wait until the physical mechanics and hardware is available.


To make this possible, all outward-facing I/O object classes have been significantly extended in LASAL. These “advanced I/Os” no longer need real connections at their "outer" end but can operate in various modes with predefined or simulated values, or values created in the Digital Twin. Tests and optimization can be thereby performed, without the physical hardware and mechanics. This helps to reduce development time, minimize the risk and eliminate reworking, which allows machine and equipment manufacturers to develop better machines faster and secure their market position.


The application possibilities of the Digital Twin, however, are far from exhausted with commissioning. It can run during operation to detect deviations and take the appropriate actions. The error tolerance as well as the lifespan of the machine is therefore increased and predictive maintenance is enabled.


See the industry report and video for more details.




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