LASAL Unifies Object Orientation and Usability

Universal, modular and comfortable features

With new, smart functions such as the Hardware Editor and the Visual Object View (VOV), the usability of the LASAL all-in-one engineering tool is further increased and the engineering time and therewith, the costs are lowered. The user can now more easily and flexibly profit from the advantages of object oriented programming such as modularity and reusability of the software, clarity, thanks to graphic representation and comfortable maintenance.

The Hardware Editor simplifies project development, parametrization and diagnostics of the hardware modules used in the project. Due to the automatic hardware detection and the automatic creation of the hardware network, errors are eliminated. A later change or expansion of the hardware is also possible in only a few steps. The Connection Manager integrated into Hardware Editor is used to label the project-specific in- and outputs. The so-called I/O mapping can be expanded or changed at any time. In online mode, all actual in- and output states are shown in the hardware editor, which simplifies diagnosis and troubleshooting.

So that the user can also insert the graphic visualization objects from LASAL SCREEN directly into the LASAL CLASS programming environment, SIGMATEK has developed the “Visual Object View” (VOV) edited. Naturally LASAL SCREEN also allows the simple creation of individual VOV elements.


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