S-DIAS Safety System

S-DIAS Safety System

Fully integrated or stand-alone

Thin, flexible and cost-optimized – that is the S-DIAS Safety system. The modular Safety solution for the DIN rail consists of a Safety controller (SCP), which monitors or controls the application and the corresponding Safe I/O modules.

Products for S-DIAS Safety

SCP 111 - Safety CPU Module

  • Safety Controller
  • 1x USB Device
  • MicroSD slot
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4

SDI 101 - Safety Digital Input

  • 10 safe digital inputs
  • Cross-circuit detection
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4

STO 081 - Safety Digital Output

  • 8 safe digital outputs
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4

SDM 081 - Safety Digital Mix

  • 6 safe digital inputs
  • 2 safe digital outputs
  • Cross-circuit detection
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4

SNC 021 - Safety SNC Incremental Encoder

  • 2 Incremental encoder inputs
  • Cross-circuit detection
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4

SRO 021 - Safety Relay Output

  • 2 safe relay outputs
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4

SSI 021 - Safety SSI Absolute Value Encoder

  • Availability of 2 SSI values
  • Monitoring of the parameter limits
  • SIL 3/PL e, Kat. 4

SIB 061 - Safety Input Box

  • 6 safe digital inputs
  • SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4
  • For decentralized mounting

S-DIAS Safety – Hot Facts

S-DIAS Safety is a part of the modular S-DIAS control and I/O system (IP20), which offers the highest performance and package density, high mechanical stability and simple handling.

The TÜV-certified Safety system can also be used as a stand-alone solution. Existing machines and equipment can therefore be gradually equipped with Safety functions.  


  • Modern: designed for the highest Safety requirements – SIL 3/PL e, Cat.4
  • Compact: module dimensions of only 12.5 x 104 x 72 mm (W x H x D) - Safety PLC and I/Os
  • Flexible: individual adaptation to requirements through modular configuration
  • Efficient: minimal wiring and comfortable engineering with the LASAL SAFETYDesigner




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