Real-time Software for AGVs and AMRs Revolutionizes Intralogistics


At the SPS 2022, SIGMATEK will introduce hardware-independent software products for automating intralogistics. The SIGMATEK Traffic Control System (TCS) enables the integration of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), regardless of their brand, into common automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) as well as their connection to the surrounding IT and automation systems. SIGMATEK’s SlamLoc revolutionizes the way AMRs handle changes in their environment with contour-based navigation. Together, both give AGVs top scores in terms of flexibility as well as reliability and efficiency.

When making production processes more flexible to implement adaptive manufacturing strategies, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) play a key role. They are mostly controlled using proprietary systems from their manufacturers or via individual programming. At the SPS 2022 in Nuremberg, SIGMATEK will show in Hall 7, Booth 270, that there is a different way. The Austrian manufacturer of innovative automation systems will introduce their newly developed, manufacturer-independent software products for AGVs and AMRs.


Automate Intralogistics

The TCS (Traffic Control System) is an open AGV fleet management system that operates independently of the vehicle manufacturer and uses the standardized VDA 5050 interface for communication beetween the vehicle and master control. This allows the integration of AMRs from different makers. The TCS performs smart route planning, taking into account special aspects of the possible routes, such as one-ways, permanent or temporary obstacles or user-definable restrictions. Much like a taxi dispatcher, the guidance system sends an available vehicle to the pick-up point and then to the delivery address. SIGMATEK’s TCS is easily integrated into merchandise and warehouse management systems, as well as automation solutions, but can also be used completely on its own.


Safety via Simulation and Analysis

The SIGMATEK TCS provides the ability to test processes in the computer simulation. This simulation runs up to 720 times faster than the real process. An entire day can therefore be completely mapped in just two minutes. The web-based visualization can also be used with mobile end devices. During active operation, all vehicle movements are shown in real time, with location, direction of travel and speed, as well as the battery charge of the individual vehicles. Heat maps allow conclusions to be drawn in regard to congestion and other traffic conditions. The powerful analysis module immediately enables troubleshooting.


Continuous Adaptation to Reality

Hall plans don’t always match reality and only represent empty spaces with no installations, furniture or movable objects. SIGMATEK TCS therefore provides the option of importing real data, so that the map can be adapted to the actual conditions. These can be recorded by AMRs during navigation using the contour-guided SLAM method (Synchronous Localizing and Mapping).


Also introduced at the SPS 2022, the newly developed real-time localization software SIGMATEK SlamLoc revolutionizes the way AMRs handle changes in their environment using contour-based navigation. SlamLoc creates the map of the environment as a basis for route planning during the initial teaching cycle. During each additional cycle, this map is expanded temporarily with newly added or moved objects. The SIGMATEK TCS can therefore react immediately and using the new conditions, determine the best possible route. The system also provides the ability to move around obstacles or take alternative routes.


Uncompromisingly Precise SLAM Navigation

SIGMATEK SlamLoc enables uncompromisingly precise, contour-based navigation – even if the view of known contours is obstructed, for example, by pallet stacks. Real-time SLAM enables the exact localization of vehicles during restart without time-consuming initialization. Above all, the software allows fully dynamic navigation in areas that are subject to significant changes. By deliberately avoiding the use of familiar contours, SlamLoc allows buffer zones, goods receiving or shipping to be integrated into an AGV for the first time.


SIGMATEK SlamLoc is available as a pure software solution or preinstalled into a robust, industrial-grade box PC suited for use in vehicles. The optional Slam Client software enables visualization of the actual vehicle movements and dynamic mapping, as well as its editing on Windows platforms. With TCS and SlamLoc, the Austrian automation specialist provides new and innovative solution approaches for automating intralogistics. These allow more flexibility and efficiency, and at the same time, increase the precision and reliability of automated guided vehicle systems.



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