DEE 021 Energy Recording Module

Energy transparency increases efficiency

 Energy transparency is becoming increasingly important, since it contributes to identifying savings potential and thereby raising the energy efficiency of production machines and plants. This is precisely where the DEE 021 from SIGMATEK comes in: It records the use of energy directly on the machine.

The voltages from the 3 input phases (L1, L2 and L3) are measured and up to 12 currents are recorded. The energy recording module has a real-time Ethernet VARAN, a DIAS as well as a CAN bus interface and can therefore communicate perfectly with the automation world.

With the DEE 021, input voltages, phase sequences, phase positions and the frequency are monitored. It can also detect short power interruptions and register the 0 crossing point (e.g. synchronized phase measurements as with a heating current monitor).

The energy recording module has 3 independent, 3-phase channels. Over each of these channels, the following functions can be specified and evaluated: Effective value of current and/or voltage, power, determination of the Cos φ, the total energy consumption as well as the peak current value. The time windows for evaluation can be set as desired with the Start and Stop instructions.

The user can easily determine, for example, how much energy the individual process steps in the injection molding cycle such as plasticization or injection require. From the transparent energy use data, a possible need for early maintenance can also be determined (e.g. heat monitoring).


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