Independent Fork System from EISENMANN

Showcase at the AUTOMATICA

The automation solutions from SIGMATEK and the equipment manufacturer EISENMANN ensure efficiency in transport logistics. We will be showcasing the LogiMover from EISENMANN, which is equipped with a SIGMATEK automation system. The driverless independent fork system for palette manipulation integrates all drive components, including energy supply, into the two parallel transport tines that operate without a fixed connection. It can be flexibly integrated in existing logistics system without complicated equipment installation. With the compact construction and high maneuverability, navigating through tight space is possible. Pallets can be lifted directly from the floor without loading equipment - that saves time and space, since transfer procedures can be eliminated. Using the example of the "LogiMover" the secure, real-time data transmission in machine-machine communication will be practically demonstrated during the lecture series INDUSTRY 4.0. The real-time Ethernet protocol VARAN forms the backbone of the LogiMover's secure data, transmission which is transmitted via wireless, radio and cable connection at the same time.


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