Remote HMI Solution Reaches 100 Meters with Ease

Ethernet operating terminal

The broad selection of HMIs from SIGMATEK has been expanded with a 19" remote operating terminal. The modern Ethernet touch panel can easily bridge a distance of 100 meters between the HMI and control CPU.

There is a new generation of remote operating panels from SIGMATEK. These Ethernet terminals enable a completely remote HMI and PLC solution, which can span a distance of up to 100 meters. With the new operating system-independent transmission technology, the digital signals for the screen, information from the touch, USB and serial interface can be sent to the remote display over a single standard Ethernet cable.

In addition to the RJ 45 interface, the new generation of SIGMATEK TAE panels is equipped with a USB 2.0 connection on the front and another on the back. An optional Chip card or RFID reader can also be integrated.

The Ethernet cable is not only a considerably less expensive alternative to a DVI connection, the new HMI panels also do not require an internal processor and are therefore noticeably more cost-efficient. As the concept is based on a hardware solution, the computing power of the PC is not burdened as with Thin Client applications. For user support, flicker-free videos can be displayed in the highest resolution and color depth.


Since there is no processor in the operating panel, no expensive on-site cooling concept is needed. This guarantees higher mechanical robustness of the terminal and allows smaller installation sizes. The user therefore has an inexpensive option to run the operating and display unit directly on the machine, displaced from the control unit mounted in the protected, easily accessible control cabinet. A possible increase or change in the computer performance is significantly easier. The user is provided with a high degree of flexibility, without having to exchange the on-site operating unit.

The vertical TAE measures 360 x 462 x 57 mm (W x H x D) and has a 19" TFT color touch display (1280 x 1024 pixels) with an LED Backlight. A smaller version with 15" (1024 x 768 pixels) is planned.

The Ethernet HMIs were designed especially for demanding applications and can be used in various industries, such as plastic and glass or in energy, building, monitoring and control technology.


HMIs for any Requirement

Through the new generation of TAE operating terminals, SIGMATEK expands its selection of HMIs with an economic remote solution. The right HMI is available for any automation task: with or without CPU, from small 5.7" operating devices to high-resolution touch panels up to 19". The most modern technologies, such as dual touch panels and touch screens with haptic feedback provide the highest usability. Panels for harsh or special operating environments are also available. Thanks to the individually configurable insert strips, the customer logo can be integrated in the modern front design. Neutral designs and company-specific front foils are also possible.


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