SIB 061: Safety Elements Decentrally Connected

Bundle Safety signals directly on the machine

With the Safety Input Box SIB 061, Safety-oriented elements can be connected directly to the machine or system. Equipped with 6 digital Safety inputs (3 mA/24 V DC/0.5 ms), the signals from up to 3 Safe command and signaling devices (2-channel) can be read decentrally. The SIB 061, in combination with a SIGMATEK Safety controller, is designed for the highest Safety requirements and TÜV-certified (SIL 3/PL e, Cat. 4).


The compact Safety Input box can be easily mounted – whether directly on the machine, an operating console or on the back of the ETT multi-touch operating panels. Input signals from Safety elements such as emergency stop, confirmation button, mode selection switch and key switch can be decentrally collected and transmitted to the S-DIAS Safety CPU in the control cabinet using only a 2-wire cable. The SIB 061 communicates with the Safety CPU over a Safety-oriented 2-wire bus according to the "Black Channel" principle.

The Safety Input Box SIB 061 mounted on the back of the multitouch panels.


Status LEDs directly next to the channel provide clear identification. To test the inputs and detect crossed circuits, two non-Safe signal outputs are provided.


The decentralized bundling of Safety signals directly on the operating site has significant advantages: minimized wiring, reduced costs and more clarity.


The Safety-oriented application can be easily programmed and configured with the LASAL Safety Designer. Logic connections and I/O configurations can therefore be quickly and comfortably implemented.




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