The AI 040 with IEPE Interface

The machine status in sight

With the AI 040, SIGMATEK introduces a 4-channel analog input module for targeted condition monitoring - which means recording and monitoring machine and system states - to the market.

The AI 040 is used for example, in machines and equipment for sorting, drying or filtering bulk material of all kinds. Vibration sensors with an IEPE interface continuously measure vibrations caused by turning flow valves on and off. The data determined provide information on the status of the valve and whether or not it must be replaced. The S-DIAS module therewith increases the machine availability - maintenance and stand-still times are significantly reduced.

The analog input module has four independent adjustable constant current sources and converts sensor signals with a resolution of 16-bits within a wide frequency range from 31 MHz to 20 kHz. The conversion rate is a maximum of 50 kSPS per channel. The time offset between the channels is 5 µs. Short-circuit and cable brake monitoring are also possible. The measurement accuracy is ±0.5 percent of the maximum value measured.

Via the AI 040, the sensors are supplied, their signals scanned and the determined value sent to the S-DIAS CPU or main systems. Communication is exchanged over the real-time Ethernet system VARAN with 100 Mbits/s. For the S-DIAS product family, EPLAN macros for simple control cabinet integration are available. With the object-oriented software suite LASAL, designing and programming the control and I/O system is user-friendly.


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