The VST 012 Stepper Motor Module

Stepper motors up to 10 A compactly controlled

The VST 012 is a high performance stepper motor module with very compact dimensions (28 x 151 x 123 mm). This module is designed for the control of 2-phase stepper motors with a rated voltage of up to 70 V and 10 A continuous current in full and half step mode each. In addition, micro stepping with 32 micro steps per full step and 10 A (RMS) of continuous current is supported.

The module has an incremental encoder interface for motor position control and four digital in and outputs (24 V) each for various applications. Data for speed and position control, as well as setting parameters is exchanged over the fast hard real-time capable VARAN bus. The integrated VARAN Out port enables the connection of additional modules in a line structure.


To save energy, as standard the VST 012 has adjustable current reduction by which a standby mode can be activated with a need-based time delay.


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