CPU Module

CP 112

CPU Module

  • High-performance CPU module (up to 64 local I/O modules)
  • EDGE2 Technology processor
  • OPC UA communication
  • 2x Ethernet*, 1x VARAN Out*, 1x USB Device, MicroSD card
  • voltage supply via power supply module PS 101: 1x CAN, 1x USB host, Buffer battery

* Industrial Mini I/O


A real-time clock and zero-voltage proof RAM space with battery buffering available.


For the S-DIAS system, EPLAN-Makros are available for simple integration into the control cabinet.


Performance Data


EDGE2 Technology

Internal program and data memory

256 MB

Internal remnant data memory

256 kB SRAM (battery buffered)

Internal storage device

1 GB microSD card


2x Ethernet (Industrial Mini I/O)

1x VARAN Out (Manager, Industrial Mini I/O)

1x CAN (via PS 101)

1x USB device 1.1

1x USB host 2.0 (via PS 101)

Supply voltage

+5 V DC from PS 101

Mechanical Features


12.5 x 104 x 72 mm (W x H x D)

Protection type


Article Number/Certification

Article number

CP 112: 20-004-112

PS 101: 20-003-101


UL 508 (E247993)

PS 101 - Power Supply Module

  • Supply unit for CP 111 & CP 112
  • 1x CAN
  • 1x USB host

RJ45 to Mini I/O - Drag Chain - VARAN Cable

  • 1x RJ45 to 1x Mini I/O
  • 4-pin
  • Assembled

CR2032-1 - Replacement battery

  • Rated voltage 3 V DC
  • Rated power 235 mAh
  • Strap (one-sided)

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