Comfortably integrate and adapt predefined software components

With the LASAL Add-Ons, in combination with the Machine Manager, you can utilize versatile ready-to-use machine functions. These can be comfortably integrated into the project and contain all required program as well as display elements (LASAL CLASS and SCREEN) in different resolutions. Naturally, you can individually adapt the functions to your needs. Examples are the Delta robot Add-On as the basis for the initial start-up of a Delta robot and SSL certificate, which enables the management of SSL certificates using the visualization.


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Download Add-Ons data sheets

pdf | 176 KB
AccessControl Add-On
pdf | 169 KB
DataAnalyzer Add-On
pdf | 194 KB
DataLogger Add-On
pdf | 179 KB
DeltaRobot Add-On
pdf | 180 KB
Diagnosis Add-On
pdf | 178 KB
DriveCommander Add-On
pdf | 184 KB
Email Add-On
pdf | 183 KB
EventJournal Add-On
pdf | 145 KB
HGW Template
pdf | 186 KB
IPConfiguration Add-On
pdf | 228 KB
OPC UA Enhanced Add-On
pdf | 177 KB
PDFViewer Add-On
pdf | 179 KB
RecipeHandling Add-On
pdf | 172 KB
SafetyDownload Add-On
pdf | 181 KB
SSL Certificate Add-On
pdf | 149 KB
Standard Template
pdf | 179 KB
VNCClient Add-On
pdf | 181 KB
WeatherForecast Add-On

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