For use directly on the machine

The P-DIAS modules expand the family of systems in the IP67-protected area and are optimized for use in harsh environmental conditions. Analog and digital data can be collected or distributed directly in the field.

Products for P-DIAS

PVDM 086 - Digital IP67 Mixed Module

  • 8 digital outputs (back-readable)
  • 1x VARAN In
  • 1x VARAN Out

PVDM 087 - Digital IP67 Mixed Module

  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs (back-readable)
  • 1x VARAN In
  • 1x VARAN Out

PVAI 011 - DMS IP65 Module

  • 1 strain gauge input
  • 1x VARAN In

P-DIAS – Hot Facts

The P-DIAS series simplifies the decentral configuration of control systems and can be combined with the S-DIAS series as desired.


  • Robust: installed directly on the machine
  • Compact: high package density
  • Simple and comfortable: preassembled cables with M12 connectors

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