One I/O Electronic with X Possibilities

The new X-DIAS input/output system from SIGMATEK is as versatile as it is simple and offers every freedom.


X-DIAS complements the super-compact S-DIAS automation system in areas where more space is required for the connection technology. For this purpose, the X-DIAS modules offer a larger frontal area.

The connector and electronics unit form one module: X-DIAS

The connection technology is located in a removable plug module. This means that different connection systems such as special plugs can be implemented without interfering with the module electronics.

Thanks to the module division into connector and electronics unit, the electronics modules can also be plugged directly onto application-specific PCBs – in combination with e.g. fuses, relays, voltage distribution, etc. This makes it possible to achieve considerable savings in assembly and commissioning times, even for smaller series.

The classic approach

As a standard I/O system with DIN rail mounting and front-side, module-specific connection technology. Enlarged front surface enables function-oriented connectors, i.e. for each input and output +/-/signal is available.

The individualistic approach: 3-dimensional use of the control cabinet

As a basic module for a customer-specific wiring board. The customer develops his own connection technology. The base module can be mounted in a space-saving way on the back of the wiring board or classically on the front.

Sophisticated design

In all variants, the interlocking of the I/O modules with each other as well as the bus connection between the I/O modules is realized by a smart assembly. The connection to the CPU is realized via commercially available real-time Ethernet systems (e.g. VARAN).

As the electronics in the modules are installed parallel to the mounting surface, vertical installation achieves better ventilation in the control cabinet.

X-DIAS also makes it easy to replace modules – simply release the locking mechanism and replace them without moving the neighboring modules – Click & Go.

X-DIAS is combinable with the S-DIAS system.


  • The modules either "ready to use", i.e. with supplied connection technology or as OEM electronics for plugging onto a customer-specific wiring board. In this version, various fuses, isolating relays and necessary intermediate wiring can be integrated into the overall control system, which significantly reduces assembly time and eliminates many error possibilities
  • Signals and Power on the same connectors
  • Bussystem on Top with reliable 2 point Gold contacts in proven connectors
  • Prefabricated cables can be used and there is no need for time-consuming and costly intermediate wiring.

  • Prefabricated cable harness saves time that means fast wiring and time/cost saving

First modules (in preparation):

XVI 021 – Bus connection, 1x VARAN-In, 1x VARAN-Out, +24 V DC supply

XDI 080 – Digital Input, 8 inputs + 24 V DC, 5 ms

XTO 081 – Digital Output, 8 outputs+ 24 V DC, 0,5 A, short-circuit proof

XDM 081 – Digital Mix, 4 inputs +24 V DC, 5 ms, 4 outputs +24 V DC, 0,5 A, short-circuit proof


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