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You are about to establish a joint online support connection with a support team member of SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG.


Please note that this service is only available to you during our business hours after telephonic consultation with our support team members.


  • Without your express permission (by providing your computer ID via telephone), our advisor cannot access your PC.
  • Without your express permission, our advisor will be unable to work with you (communicated via telephonic contact).
  • You may end the joint session at any time.


For monitoring purposes, the entire session will be recorded.

By pressing the button, you confirm that you accept the agreement for online support and start the download of the Teamviewer software:


Online Support Agreement


Remote maintenance by SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG (hereafter SIGMATEK) is performed by using the remote maintenance software "Teamviewer". This software, according to the manufacturer specifications, meets the current security standards required for remote maintenance. The Teamviewer product is one of the market leaders in this area and stands for the highest quality. For remote maintenance via SIGMATEK, functioning internet access to the customer's computer, as well as an on-site telephone is required. For the speed and duration of the remote maintenance, the actual questions as well as the quality and speed of the customer's internet connection (e.g. DSL) are relevant.


Definition of terms

Anyone who utilizes the remote maintenance services provided by SIGMATEK, is hereafter referred to as the customer.



SIGMATEK operates the remote maintenance with the highest possible care and availability. For any damages that occur, SIGMATEK’s liability shall be limited to willful misconduct or gross negligence for which SIGMATEK is legally responsible.

Claims for damages from the customer for loss of profit are expressly excluded. The same applies for consequential or indirect damages, as well as damages attributed to the control and risk area of the customer.


SIGMATEK accepts no liability for defects resulting from the customer deviating from the terms and conditions for use of the licensed software. The customer must immediately inform SIGMATEK of any defects, which occur. The customer shall, within reason, take the necessary measures to determine and document the error.

Moreover, SIGMATEK accepts no liability for defects, which occur after customer changes/updates to the operating or network system or customer changes to the hardware configuration.

If from using the "Teamviewer" software, damage or defects exist in the computer or network system of the customer, any liability of SIGMATEK is excluded.



The customer expressly acknowledges that SIGMATEK is not liable for external Internet services or lines, which are beyond SIGMATEK's control. In particular, SIGMATEK is not responsible for the failure or overloading of global communication networks.


Data loss

The customer is responsible for backing up data bases. Liability for loss of data is expressly excluded.



Other than the cost for establishing an Internet connection, the customer has no other costs. The customer is responsible for any telephone costs that may arise.


Conclusion of the agreement

With the creation of an Internet connection between the customer and the computer of a SIGMATEK support team member, the customer accepts the previously mentioned conditions for remote maintenance via "Teamviewer".


Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction

The place of fulfillment is SIGMATEK headquarters. The jurisdiction is agreed to be the competent court for SIGMATEK's headquarters. Austrian law applies with the exclusion of the conflict of law rules and the UN Sales Convention.


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