Measuring Technology

Measuring Technology

Measuring, controlling, regulating in a new dimension

With its modularity, the SIGMATEK MSR system is ideal for the most varying tasks in data recording, measuring and testing. The measuring modules can be flexibly populated, so that you can compile the measurement values specifically for the application. A tailor-made solution is thereby provided for measuring and regulation technology:


  • Modular construction: user-specific placement – up to 192 digital or 64 analog I/Os
  • Flexible configuration: recoding of various measurement values (4..20 mA, ±10 V DC, etc.)
  • High precision: 25-µs conversion time per channel (40 kHz), 18-bit resolution
  • High Performance: the highest data security and bus cycle times from 100 µs (jitter < 100 ns)
  • Programming in LASAL: simple integration and simulation in real-time


The real-time Ethernet VARAN provides the perfect communication system for the decentralized use of the MSR system. It combines the highest performance and synchronicity with the greatest data security.

One Housing for All Components

One Housing for All Components

One robust aluminum housing provides space for up to 8 measuring modules, an interface module, as well as an exchangeable fan unit. Up to 192 digital or 64 analog I/Os are possible.

Simple Configuration

Simple Configuration

The flexible and modular construction provides a tailor-made configuration of the MSR system. Various measuring and controller modules can be combined as desired and easily installed or exchanged.

Specially for Your Requirements

Specially for Your Requirements

Thanks to the modular construction, you can configure the MSR system individually. The following modules are available: interface modules, analog and digital measuring module and a fan module.

Measurement Values Under Control

Measurement Values Under Control

With the diagnostic connectors on the front, you can easily check your recorded measurement values.

Products for Measuring Technology

MSR 111 - Module Carrier

  • 8 I/O slots
  • 1 interface slot
  • 1 fan slot

MSR 121 - Interface Module

  • VARAN bus control module
  • 1x VARAN In
  • 1x VARAN Out

MSR 131 - Fan Module

  • Exchangeable fan unit
  • DC radial fan

MSR 211 - Base Module

  • Analog base module
  • 4 signal conditioning modules

MSR 221 - AI Insertable Module

  • 2 analog voltage inputs

MSR 222 - AI Insertable Module

  • 2 analog current inputs

MSR 223 - AI Insertable Module

  • 2 analog temperature inputs

MSR 231 - 8B Insertable Module

  • Signal conditioning
  • Carrier module for 8B modules
  • 2 analog inputs

MSR 251 - FC Insertable Module

  • 2 counter inputs or SSI absolute value encoder

MSR 261 - NC Insertable Module

  • 2 ABR counters (RS422 signal)

MSR 281 - Strain Gauge Insertable Module

  • 2 strain gauge inputs
  • Measurement range 3 mV/V

MSR 282 - Strain Gauge Insertable Module

  • 2 strain gauge inputs
  • Measurement range 10 mV/V

MSR 311 - I/O Module

  • Digital I/O module
  • 24 digital outputs (back-readable)

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