RFID Reader


The contactless information system

As soon as the error and confusion-free identification of people, operating equipment and products is required, no modern production system can get around using the reliable RFID technology. We therefore developed the universally applicable write/read device RFID 131, which is based on the globally proven 13.56 MHz HF band.


  • CAN Interface: enables reliable communication, also over greater distances
  • Certified: supports the ISO standards such as 15693, 14443-A and B
  • Communicative: talks to Mifare-Tags, ICOD SLI, TI TagIT and additional cards
  • Simple mounting: in the rectangular cutout of a control cabinet using a clip mount

Products for RFID Reader

RFID 131 - RFID Reader

  • Mountable device for control cabinets
  • 1x CAN
  • 1x USB-Device
  • Front: IP65

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